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Short Bio

Prof.Mamoona Nasim is a dedicated medical professional with a deep commitment to education and the art of healing. With 38 years of experience in the field of Human Anatomy she has had the privilege of imparting knowledge to aspiring healthcare professionals. Presently she is working as principal of M.Islam Medical & Dental College, Gujranwala. She also holds the chair of Department of Medical education.
Her journey in medicine began with her graduation in 1986 from FJMC, Lahore, after that she did her post graduation in Human Anatomy and was awarded gold medal. Over the years, she had the opportunity to further polish her teaching skills by getting a postgraduate degree in Heath profession education (MCPS_HPE) and then PhD in Human Anatomy.
She has vast experience of teaching and working with Anatomists not only in Pakistan but also of other countries including Al Fateh University, Tripoli and Princess Nourah University, Riyadh. Her professional experience as a health profession educator to medical, dental and allied health students of different ethincity has provided her with a broad view that is useful in helping the students of health to understand the core medical subjects in depth and apply the knowledge in their future clinical practice.
As a medical teacher, she aims at not only to disseminate medical knowledge but also to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals. She firmly believes that a compassionate and well-informed clinician can make a profound difference in patient care. In her classes, you can expect an interactive and engaging learning experience, where she strives to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills, in her students.
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