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Hive Medical Academy at Leadership Summit 2022

Synch Pakistan arranged a Leadership Summit 2022 at Auditorium, AIMC, Lahore on 3rd September,2022. This summit featured senior health care executives, clinicians and experts in the field presenting high-level, transformational strategies and innovative approaches for delivering better care and greater value, ensuring financial stability, enhancing public trust and confidence, addressing workforce challenges and improving the health care consumer experience through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models. Special attention was paid to the strategies and practices that enable health care leaders to remain resilient and respond successfully in periods of sustained crisis.

Healthcare education leaders are required to work effectively and collaboratively across discipline and organizational boundaries, where titles are not always linked to leadership roles. Hive Medical Academy truly understands this strong point and promote this summit by collaborated with Synch Pakistan, a group of medical students who arranged a summit for their medical companions present in Pakistan. 

Hive Medical Academy really appreciated this event and the efforts  done behind it and a special thanks to Synch for this collaboration. 

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