6 June 2023 Comments Off

Collocation, Intonation, inference, collocations, chunks, venture & the documentary were new to me. I got skills (speaking, communication, study Scheme) better here and I will use them when needed.

6 June 2023 Comments Off

I liked this session due to its friendly environment. I learned here American and British Accent that is helpful in communication

6 June 2023 Comments Off

The teaching methodology was awesome. It was the first time I experienced this type of class for the English language I recalled parts of speech syllables and other grammar which will be beneficial

4 August 2022 Comments Off

The thing I liked in this session was the atmosphere of the class. Everyone took part and it was friendly overall. Also, The teachers are really humble. I learned a lot, some things

4 August 2022 Comments Off

I liked that the teachers were cooperative and funny. This session also helped us in interacting with the class.

24 March 2021 Comments Off

The thing I liked in this session was we learned a lot of things by performing activities that were quite enjoyable. new to me was intonations, and how can I improve my communication

24 March 2021 Comments Off

The course was very helpful. It was simple and concise. The presenters gave the basic information needed. And above all, had time to attend to all questions.

24 March 2021 Comments Off

I feel more confident to work in primary care with the courses and CPDs that I’ve done with you! Very informative and I just want to thank you all for all the support

20 April 2020 Comments Off

Context cives were new for me. This was an interactive session and I learned many new things in a very comfortable environment. I learned syllables today and I will use them to improve

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