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Seminar at Isra University

12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Isra University / Al Nafees Medical College, Islamabad

A seminar was organized for medical students of Isra University / Al Nafees Medical College & Hospital, Islamabad in Hasnain auditorium. We assist our audience about a bright medical career in NHS, UK. We conveyed the details of our services, that are; we will provide a proper consultation and a comprehensive package of guidance and support to our doctors in Pakistan till they have a secure job in NHS. 

This seminar covered the complete step by step process of our services; starting from preparing for English language exam; choosing either IELTS or OET, preparing for PLAB I & II, handling visa process, supporting travel & accommodation, getting registered with EPIC, acquiring GMC license to getting a job in the UK. 

Seminar was started with recitation of Quran verses followed by nation anthem. The seminar was officially started with the opening remarks of Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Lodhi, the Vice Principle of Al Nafees College & Hospital / Isra University Islamabad. He invited Ms. Mariam Mustafa, our country head. She introduced our academy and described the structure and foundation of Hive Medical Academy, which includes our partners, our team, procedure for enrollment, services we provide and our unique features. She winded her part on the note that we make ensure that our doctors’ get job in NHS smoothly.   

Ms. Noreen Mirza, our team member (Director Training And Development English Language Programs) who will be coaching about IELTS / OET. She is also a former IELTS examiner. Ms. Mirza demonstrated our Preparatory Course (PC); it’s importance, why choose this course, overview of course content, exam structure & validity.  

Dr. Zubair Ahmad (Director and Founder of ABM Academy) member of our partner academy in UK, Arlington British Medical Academy (ABM Academy), introduced ABM Academy as who they are, what they do, their other partners, their recognition and the process flow step by step. He explained about the PLAB exams, both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2, type of registrations, method to apply for internship / job etc. 

At the end of our presentation, students of Isra University were given the chances to ask questions from our team members, and they were answered with the best possible answers.  

The seminar was concluded with a closing note by Dr. Sulman Ahmed Tipu, Principal of Al Nafees College & Hospital / Isra University, appreciated our academy and thanking the audience. Ms. Mariam Mustafa and Ms. Noreen Mirza thanked the Principal and the Vice Principle by giving small gift as a token of appreciation. 

Seminar for Isra University

  • LOCATION: Isra University / Al Nafees Medical College, Islamabad
  • DATE: 10 MAY, 2022
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