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Short Bio

Dr Amrah Javaid, after doing her MBBS, she have completed her post-graduation in Physiology and Master’s in Medical Education. She has worked as an Assistant professor in physiology at various medical colleges in Pakistan. In 2012, she moved to Saudi Arabia and started working as an Assistant Professor Physiology and Deputy head of the assessment unit at Princess Noura University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . She worked there for 8 years and got promoted to Associate professor. In 2020,l. She moved to UK and started working as a Biomedicine lecturer at CNM College, London. In the meantime she completed her studies for a Ph.D. in physiology in 2020. Besides teaching, she is the author of a book and published many research papers to further her knowledge.

Teaching is her passion and her career, she enjoys and embraces it. She hopes that with her passion and hard work, she can make a change and achieve her goals of service to education InShaAllah.

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