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We offer comprehensive training for PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 that would enable our doctors to pass the exam in the first go. A combination of self-study, live online classes, individual tutoring, and face-to-face sessions make our program more practical and successful. We are proud to declare that our passing rate in the first attempt is outstanding.
Hive Medical Academy handles all the expenditure involved in immigration, traveling and accommodation. We will take care of the complete visa process and will hand over the air ticket to the individual. A proper commute support will be provided to the individual at the airport and will drop off to their respective station. After PLAB 2 exam, our expert from NHS UK will talk to you on all the what’s and how’s for your journey of becoming an NHS Doctor. They will explain all the procedures you need to understand, will direct you to all the support you may require and will respond to all your concerns through your route to success.

Services Include

☑  2 day Live PLAB 1 Crammer Course (+ watch back for 1 month)

☑  Complete PLAB 1 Video course

☑  7 x PLAB 1 Mock exams

☑  PLAB 1 Audio course

☑  150 guideline-based Clinical Digital Flashcards

☑  100 detailed Pharmacology Digital Flashcards

☑  Intense 10-day face-to-face teaching programme

☑  SimMan and Manikin teaching and practice

☑  PLAB 2 Online video course

☑  2 x PLAB 2 Mock Exam sessions – booked when it suits you as per your exam date

☑  2 x PLAB 2 Audio courses

☑  85 Data Gathering Flashcards

☑  150 Medical Explanation Flashcards

☑  60 Examination & Procedure Flashcards

☑  Exclusive one-on-one consultation session about the whole process

Key Points

☑  All-in-one package for PLAB 1

☑  Focus on both PLAB 1 knowledge and exam technique

☑  Teaching by senior NHS clinicians including previous PLAB examiners

☑  Teaching based on UK guidelines, regularly updated

☑  Chapter based video and audio teaching

☑  All material available for 12 months, no limits to use in this time multiple teaching formats for optimum preparation (live, video, audio, mocks, flashcards)

☑  Most comprehensive all-in-one package for PLAB 2

☑  Teaching by senior NHS clinicians including previous PLAB examiners

☑  Focus on PLAB 2 knowledge, technique and time management

☑  High quality SimMan and mannikins to learn and practice on

☑  Non-scripted, principles based approach

☑  Practice-centric course – with role-play and feedback from day 1

☑  Continuous role-plays, mock cases, practice and feedback of all key scenario types

☑  Increase confidence in a full range of scenario-types and situations

☑  Cover areas that are often worried about eg prescribing, teaching, emergency scenarios

☑  Teaching based on UK guidelines, regularly updated

☑  Chapter based video and audio teaching for ease of use

☑  Ongoing support after the academy concludes, up to exam day

☑  Free Consultation with NHS Consultants

☑  Professional CV Writing

☑  Individual Gap Analysis

☑  Career Counselling

☑  Medical Ethics

☑  CPD Resources

☑  Good Medical Practice

☑  NHS Induction guidance

☑  Access to CPD courses

☑  CPR & Basic Life Support Course guidance

☑  Communication Skills Courses guidance support

☑  Clinical Audit & Clinical Governance guidance & support

☑  Medical Ethics & Good Medical practice

☑  Interview Preparation, Mock Interview

☑  Career Guidance Course

☑  NHS Job profile creation

☑  10 Days for single hotel room with en-suite, transport to and from academy, free wifi, gym and pool facilities

☑  Covering Letter to apply for Clinical Attachment

☑  Job Application

☑  Post Job Support

☑  Full Immigration Support & guidance


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