How to be Assertive

By Hive Medical Academy

Course Description

Being assertive is a core communication skill. Assertiveness generally refers to expressing yourself effectively and standing up for your point of view while respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Being assertive boosts your self-esteem and earns others’ respect. This can help with stress management.

Some people seem to be naturally assertive. But if you’re not assertive, you can learn to be.

Topic Covered

 – Assertive Strategies
 – Assertive Body Language
 – Assertive Expressions

 – Your rights and rights of other people
 – Assertive Beliefs
 – Overcoming Fear

 – Understanding and improving self esteem
 – Understanding assertive communication
 – Difference between Assertiveness, Aggression, and Passiveness


This course is specially designed for:

 – House Officers
 – Doctors & Consultants
 – Nurses
 – Students MBBS & BDS (customized training according to their curriculum)
 – Allied Healthcare Professionals 
 – Healthcare Managers
 – Healthcare Quality Assurance Professionals

Course Duration and Schedule

This course duration is 1 days and will be scheduled for 2 hours a day.


The candidate will be awarded with the certificate of participation on the completion of this course.

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