Handling Difficult Patients and Their Relatives

By Hive Medical Academy

Course Description

We counter rude, aggressive, emotional or know- it -all people kind of behaviors on a daily basis. Situations become more frequent and complex for doctors and healthcare professionals as they have to deal with not only patients but their relatives as well. We can’t control other people, we can only control our response to them. In this training session we will discuss secret skills used by top therapists to deal with the most challenging of people and help you discover your own strategy of dealing with difficult patients and their relatives

Topic Covered

 – Recognize difficult behaviors
 – Types of difficult people
 – Controlling your emotions & coming from a place of strength & power

 – Checklist before breaking bad news
 – Methods for dealing with conflict
 – Techniques / Strategies and models to handle the behaviors


This course is specially designed for

 – House Officers
 – Doctors & Consultants
 – Nurses
 – Students MBBS & BDS (customized training according to their curriculum)
 – Allied Healthcare Professionals 
 – Healthcare Managers
 – Healthcare Quality Assurance Professionals

Course Duration and Schedule

This course duration is 2 days and will be scheduled for 2 hours a day.


The candidate will be awarded with the certificate of participation on the completion of this course.

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