Counseling Patients and Their Relatives

By Hive Medical Academy

Course Description

Counseling involves working collaboratively with Patients and their relatives who need help solving problems that are holding the patient back from getting better and taking back control of their own lives. 

This training will help you understand the perspective of patients and their relatives and use the most suitable techniques according to the level of the need for counseling.

Topic Covered

 – Attending, Empathizing and Observing
 – Ethical Issues and Professional Boundaries
 – Developing Counseling Goals

 – Reflecting Feelings and Listening
 – Problem Solving
 – Persuasion


This course is specially designed for

 – House Officers
 – Doctors & Consultants
 – Nurses
 – Students MBBS & BDS (customized training according to their curriculum)
 – Allied Healthcare Professionals 
 – Healthcare Managers
 – Healthcare Quality Assurance Professionals

Course Schedule

This course duration is 2 days and will be scheduled for 2 hours a day.


The candidate will be awarded with the certificate of participation on the completion of this course.

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