Breaking Bad News to Patients and Their Relatives

By Hive Medical Academy

Course Description

Doctors and other healthcare professionals, at some time, have to break bad news to a patient, relative or career. Breaking bad news involves tailoring information to the patients’ needs, attempting to understand the patient’s perspective and working in a collaborative partnership. The psychological sequelae of breaking bad news in an abrupt and insensitive way can be devastating and long lasting. 

This training will prepare you for breaking bad news in a moderate and understanding manner.

Topic Covered

 – Essential preparation for breaking a bad news
 – Gathering of important information about the patient and situation
 – Patient reaction and response to reaction

 – Understanding & validating non verbal responses
 – Offering support
 – Team communication


This course is specially designed for

 – House Officers
 – Doctors & Consultants
 – Nurses
 – Students MBBS & BDS (customized training according to their curriculum)
 – Allied Healthcare Professionals 
 – Healthcare Managers
 – Healthcare Quality Assurance Professionals

Course duration and Schedule

This course duration is 1 day and will be scheduled for 2 hours a day.


The candidate will be awarded with the certificate of participation on the completion of this course.

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