11 November 2022 1 Comment

The Occupational English Test (also known as OET) is an English language test for healthcare professionals recognized by various regulatory healthcare bodies. It assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to start

3 October 2022 5 Comments

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is establish in order to help an individual to work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language. Individual ability to listen, read,

20 September 2022 0 Comments

MRCP (Member of Royal College of Physicians), UK is a core, medical, post-graduate degree that is awarded upon completion of three parts. Students can pursue an MRCP degree abroad without having to write

13 September 2022 1 Comment

The Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) is an exam that overseas qualified dentists have to pass in order to get the registration which will allows them to practice unsupervised in the UK. The ORE

7 September 2022 0 Comments

From late 2014, nurses and midwives trained outside the European Economic Area who are seeking UK registration must pass the NMC test of competence. The test of competence consists of two parts. Part

19 August 2022 0 Comments

PLAB, abbreviation of Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, Exam that the International Medical Graduates (IMG) must take in order to prove that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to practice medicine in

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